Muscle diseases are rare neurological and often hereditary disorders. One typical symptom is weakness of the muscle that causes problems with movement and daily activities. Muscular weakness can be permanent or progressive. The symptoms of a muscle disease are manifested in a highly individual manner.

There are muscle diseases in all age groups. Around the world, more than 800 different diagnoses are known that include disorders that severely disable the patient and ones that cannot be even seen on the outside. Approximately 15,000 Finns have a muscle disease.

No cure has yet been found for muscle diseases. Regular exercise, physiotherapy and other rehabilitation services can increase the well-being of muscle disease patients and help them cope with daily life.

The Finnish Neuromuscular Disorders Association is an organisation for the disabled whose goal is to support the right of people with a muscle disease to an equal, diversified and good life. Our most important forms of service include the monitoring of rights, adjustment training, and communication.  The Finnish Neuromuscular Disorders Association has 12 local member organisations in Finland. These organisations provide their members with peer support and recreation, and organise meetings and lectures by various experts.

The Finnish Neuromuscular Disorders Association offers its members different kinds of services:

  • Courses on adjustment training provide resources and means for coping with a muscle disease
  • The Finnish Muscular Dystrophy Association’s physiotherapy unit in Turku offers individual physiotherapy, physical therapy, breathing physiotherapy, and guidance for independent exercise
  • Diagnosis counselling and a medical helpline provide information about muscle diseases as well as guidance and advice
  • Employment service helps with questions related to schooling, choices for education and studying, job seeking, and coping at work
  • Social security guidance helps with questions related to social security
  • The membership magazine called Porras is published five times a year, as a membership benefit for the members of the The Finnish Neuromuscular Disorders Association